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    collage with loons, crow, and owl in a grid
    Birds That Wow Us
    For 3 Courses
    • Anything but Common: The Hidden Life of the American Crow
    • The Wonderful World of Owls
    • Understanding Bird Behavior
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    Grid with Indigo Bunting, White Ibis, and Scarlet Tanager
    Basics of Bird ID
    For 3 Courses
    • Be a Better Birder 1: Size and Shape
    • Be a Better Birder 2: Color and Pattern
    • Bird Song Basics: Getting Started with Birding by Ear

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I found many more warblers this spring thanks to this class. I knew they were there and how to look and listen for them. I also trusted my observations more, the course gave me confidence." Bird Academy Student
Thank you for this amazing opportunity to take a course like this. This is now my third course of yours that I have taken online at my own pace and I really love the format!" Bird Academy Student
I am recently retired and have found this one of my best new projects so far! It also makes my daily walks in a nearby park more interesting as I notice the birds more and try to identify them. It makes me appreciate birds and nature even more! Thank you!" Bird Academy Student
Great course. As a beginning birder, the soundscape picture really helped me visualize the parts of the bird songs and the little quizzes helped me remember what I learned. Was afraid it was going to be too daunting, but it was fun. Thanks so much." Bird Academy Student
I have absolutely loved the courses. As a newer birder but an avid fan of birds, I have learned so much. Your classes are really well put together—excellent instructional design." Margaret, Bird Academy Student
I wanted to let you know your techniques are working! … Waterfowl migration is happening now… I was able to identify three ducks that were firsts for me. The American Wigeon was distinctive with white flank and forehead even though very far away." Susan, Bird Academy Student