Kids looking over a board walk with binoculars

‘Nature Connections with Feathered Friends is a specialty training for BirdSleuth Ambassadors. In this training, Ambassadors will discover how Feathered Friends can support all informal and elementary educators to connect kids to nature and birds.

Who should take this training?

All educators who have completed the BirdSleuth Ambassador Foundations Training  can take this specialty. As an Ambassador, you can take these trainings for free. Please email Lindsay Glasner if you need assistance.

What to expect in this training?

Feathered Friends lessonsBy the end of this training you will able to provide professional development to educators around BirdSleuth’s Feathered Friends. We’ll explain our favorite activities for workshops and how best to implement them. There is some overlap in logistical content between specialties, but all activities are specialized for Feathered Friends.  This training will focus on how you can present a two-hour workshop to primary and elementary educators interested in connecting kids to nature. Let’s get started!