Students raising their hands to answer questions outdoors.

Inspiring Investigations with Investigating Evidence is a specialty training for BirdSleuth Ambassadors. In this training, Ambassadors will discover how Investigating Evidence, BirdSleuth’s original free curriculum, can support all educators to lead science investigations. 

Who should take this training?

All educators who have completed the BirdSleuth Ambassador Foundations Training and Integrating Inquiry for Educators course can take this specialty. As an Ambassador you can take these trainings for free. Please email Lindsay Glasner if you need assistance.

What to expect in this training?

By the end of this training you will able to provide professional development to educators around BirdSleuth’s inquiry curriculum, Investigating Evidence. We’ll explain our favorite activities for workshops and how best to implement them. There is some overlap in logistical content between specialties, but all activities and agendas are specialized for Investigating Evidence. Based on your interests and time availability, you have a variety of different workshops options for this curriculum. Let’s get started!