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    • Celia
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      I was watching American tree sparrows in a thicket today. One was odd. It had the same chest spot as the others, and same wing-bars. Also, the gray face with reddish-brown cap and matching eye stripe. The thing that was different is that the reddish brown cap on this one was split down the center by a *very broad and distinct* (i.e. crisp -- not mottled) gray stripe. Can that still be an American tree sparrow? The other ones I see around here don't seem to have more than a hint of gray in the reddish-brown cap. I'm still learning sparrows -- have been taking the Bird Academy course on them, but there are lots of species to learn! For reference, I live in the Kansas City area. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!
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    • KP3
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      Maybe a Song Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow or Field Sparrow?  Or maybe an American Tree Sparrow with some feather damage or a bit more variance?  Just wild guesses :)  Wish I could be more helpful!  The first thing I check on sparrows is the beak.  American Tree Sparrows have that distinct two-colored beak.
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