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      What are some of your best practices when leading a workshop? If you have not led a workshop, what are some qualities of workshops that make them feel purposeful and powerful for you as a participant? Answer in the threaded discussion below.
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    • Fran
      Chirps: 6
      I always allow some choice when I present a workshop. I leave part of the time open ended and ask where they want me to take them next. I have a plan for those choices and we move into that option. I also lead with why are you at this one? Hopefully their answers will lead the way.
    • Edward
      Chirps: 7
      I like to include everyone in the conversation. even the most timid students have some input that will add to the entire workshop you just need to coax them into sharing by being polite, respectful and little stern at times.
    • Jon Javier
      Chirps: 17
      I once participated in a local national teachers' conference that showcases innovations in teaching. My subject is on citizen science and the tool that I used to illustrate the subject and let the participants participate is "Habitat Network" (I hope this tool will soon comeback). To make the content meaningful I used the conference site as the habitat to map. I spent day 1 of the conference to survey the site's flora and avian population. Bottom-line, preparation and thorough familiarization of the content to deliver is critical to the success of the workshop.
    • Hope
      Chirps: 5
      Give participants time to reflect upon their learning.  How will they implement what they learned into their classroom activities?