• Noah
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      Hi, I live in Vermont, and was wondering if any birders here could recommend good birding spots to visit in the area? I'm familiar with many of the hikes around here, but less so with good spots to see birds. Bonus points if the birding spots are also good hiking spots! :) Thanks!
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    • Owen
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      defiantly check out crown point bridge area around there are some really great birding spots!
    • TPW
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      Noah, Check out eBird.org for the hotspots in Vermont. It’s probably the best resource for you right now until you discover the best places near you. I’ve attached a screenshot of the top hotspots as of today in Vermont based on other Birders in Vermont.  You can also zoom into your town too and you’ll start to see who the other birders are and connect. 020AFA2A-BB83-4931-93EE-9046A5A662BA