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      In past few months i could see following birds behind my backyard: 1. Barn Owl 2. Purple Sunbird 3. Coppersmith Barbet 4. Asian Koel or Greater Cocua 5.Black Ramped Flameback 6. Red Collared Dove
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    • Scott
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      Arvind- Whoa! That is a stunning collection of beautiful birds so close to your home- All of them are striking but that Coppersmith Barbet is stunning. I think that is my favorite bird of those 6. I’d love to see them in person. What’s your favorite of those 6 birds? We have a bird here in my town in California that is similar to your Black Ramped Flameback- The Acorn woodpecker, it has more of a round head but the body size and the striking red white and black colors are very similar.
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