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      What tools or activities do you use to keep participants engaged during a workshop? Share your responses in the discussion below.
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    • Thomas
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      I use a lot of open ended questions and then have students turn and talk with a partner. Getting outside is important to engage the senses in making observations.
    • Edward
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      In my Raptor programs I have asked the children to pretend they are the predators and to find the materials they need to become that bird, (Binoculars for great eyesight, a comb to preen their feathers, a flashlight to see in the dark, etc.). I have asked students to comment on what they see at their feeders or around their yards, and to explain what they felt certain behaviors meant.
    • Sabrina
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      During a workshop I try to make every activity as hands-on as possible that way the participants can learn by doing. In addition, I also try to take activities outside as much as possible.
Viewing 3 reply threads