The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Discussion Groups Nature Journaling and Field Sketching Drawing What You See – Upside Down Drawing

    • Sarah
      Chirps: 8
      I did this while chatting with a fam member. It made it actually easier to have my brain uninvolved in the ‘knowing’ of what type of bird...I focused on observing where the feet crossed the branch, where the tail feathers emerged, how many feathers, stripes, etc. I did get overwhelmed in0474B207-BE80-44FB-9D50-BD2E5C772D63 the middle with the unpatterned shapes of the belly. That’ll take some practice! Overall not bad!
    • Montecito
      Chirps: 22
    • kathleen
      Chirps: 7
      This exercise was difficult for me, the shapes in the middle made me a little dizzy. Overall I like how it came out but I am still having some difficulty with negative space, and keeping my focus on the shapes instead of trying to get good talons🙃image
    • Elizabeth
      Chirps: 9
      A9EBF5FF-3758-4934-800D-C9D64AEE2B46I was very surprised by the results when I turned the page upright! It was a lesson in patience as well.
    • Anne
      Chirps: 4
    • Christina
      Chirps: 19
      IMG_6206 Proof! I really did draw the song sparrow, upside down! This was a challenge, since I like to rough out my subject using basic shapes, and then add detail and proportions as I go. Not this time! I started at the tail feathers and worked my way around... IMG_6207 Thanks goodness for erasers... I'll have to go back to this one to finish the markings on the breast and underparts of the bird, but I cheated and turned my page around... am pleased that the little guy isn't wonky-looking! I really wanted to look at the subject as an overall shape, but I forced myself to see it as a bunch of smaller shapes connected to each other... this has been the most challenging exercise yet!
    • martha
      Chirps: 3
      When I draw I always like to look at the subject as individual pieces of a total puzzle.  How does one piece connect to another.  This is also what I tell kids who say they can't draw.  This makes the process more fun and enjoyable.  I had a lot of fun doing this and when I was through I thought the body was to chubby but when I flip the image right side up, it looked really good.  I am happy with how it turned out.