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      What is your favorite offering from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and why?
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    • Fran
      Chirps: 6
      I have done a couple of them. I think the nest watch is easiest to incorporate into the classroom. We have it on in the morning usually as they enter the classroom. It leads to great questions. I personally like the bird id. We used it this summer to id a bird that was lying in our garden at home. Found out he was okay and let him continue on his journey.
    • Edward
      Chirps: 7
      I feel that all of the citizen science programs are extremely useful. The feeder watch and nest watch to name just two of them. They have helped inspire me in my love of birds and birding and have helped me to get some of my neighbors involved as well. When my neighbors see me out walking (with binoculars in hand) I am often asked what I am looking for. I have explained my searches to most neighbors and now they are assisting me as we locate and monitor nests for raptors such as an Osprey family 5 years in a row, a Cooper's hawk family 6 years in a row at 2 different sites ( one nest was destroyed by a winter storm). and smaller birds such as E. Bluebirds and N. Cardinals.
    • Sabrina
      Chirps: 5
      One of my favorite resources that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers are the Bird Academy Courses. They are full of engaging content and have helped improve my skills as a birder and educator. I have been able to immediately apply the knowledge gained from the courses to work. The All About Birds Online Field Guide is also extremely helpful. I use this resource for creating programs and helping patrons identify birds.
    • Jon Javier
      Chirps: 17
      The system that I used most is eBird since the year WIld Bird Club of the Philippines (birdwatch.ph) directed us to use this to submit any form of wild bird observations. The video clips on bird identification from "Inside Birding Videos" are very helpful. Matter of fact, like other users, I am overwhelmed with the wealth of resources one can find in any sites hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. One offering I miss though, and hope to come back, is "Habitat Network".
    • Hope
      Chirps: 5
      I will have to look at them before I answer this question.