• Kayla
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      Hello! I was having a question regarding my new finch sock feeder that I recently put up in my yard. I'd purchased a finch sock in hopes to attract the American Goldfinches (already present) in my yard. However, I noticed that the goldfinches haven't been appearing at the sock feeder, although occasionally present at my black oil sunflower seed feeder. I've tried replacing the Nyjer in the feeder, and tried placing it near the original feeder where they were showing up. However, I've still had no goldfinches. I did notice the seed holes in the sock were fairly small, although I don't think it's likely the feeding ports are so small they didn't even attempt to feed. It would be fantastic if someone could offer some advice to encourage the goldfinches to use the sock feeder, or possibly offer a reason for the lack of their presence. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Happy birding!
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    • Donita
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      For me they feed on nyjer in the winter but ignore it the rest of the year. They are into the sunflower all year. My goldfinches & lesser goldfinches take off during summer. I haven't seen any in the last couple weeks but have so many I can't count in the winter!
    • Mary
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      Help!   Not only do finchs no longer come to the feeders in our courtyard, we rarely see any birds at all.   Also, the whole field around our building is devoid of birds, except some flocks flying furiously back and forth as, I assume, they prepare for the trip South.   Even a marshy pond has no avian presence. ‘My question is this:   Where did all the birds go?  I live twenty miles from La Crosse.La Crosse is in Western Wisconsin along the Mississippi River, and I live inland. mcariest@icloud.com