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      What strategies did you notice in the videos that engaged the participants? How can you use these or other strategies in your Ambassador workshops?
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    • Fran
      Chirps: 6
      The activities were very engaging. The children were hands on and immersed in the experience with all their senses! Also they were able to set up the norms for their group walk.
    • Edward
      Chirps: 7
      Allowing the participants to make the ground rules was a great iea it helps to get "buy in" and make the group responsible for their own actions. The use of scientific inquiry, asking open ended questions (and not providing the answer) letting the children speculate and investigate their answers to be able to prove, disprove them.
    • Sabrina
      Chirps: 5
      I noticed a few strategies that were used throughout the video. One of them was having the participants create the rules for going on the trail instead of them being told what the rules are. Another one was the "radar ears", this help the participants develop a better understanding for how owls hear. I also noticed and like how mentioned waiting to hand out tools until it is time to use them. That way the tools aren't a distraction. These strategies can be applied to workshops by asking the participants how they can use certain activities or modify them in their particular setting (classroom, nature center, etc.)
    • Jon Javier
      Chirps: 17
      Outside in the field, instead of just answering a participant's question, say for example Why do the bird leave its perch momentarily and return to the same perch afterwards, then repeat the same process?, the workshop lead can use inquiry-based learning. Let the students do observations, then guided by the teacher let the student process observations made that will eventually lead the participant to determining the answer to his own inquiry.
    • Hope
      Chirps: 5
      I will have students observe and ask their own questions.