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    • abbey beagle-terrier
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      abbey beagle-terrier
      I am at lake Bella Vista in NW Arkansas.   Today I saw 80 Canada geese with what looked like 2 snow geese and 2 hybrids.    Merlin says that snow geese are not found here (yet)am I right?823E1B35-969B-458C-BBFB-C78CC20121EBBE3B61D1-4063-41CA-8F25-8B14FEFF853E2BEEAAB2-E7F4-4B36-83F2-2EFD50B29AB27D935839-91B6-4979-9CB3-B9C5E7C7E9CD2305F5AF-84E8-4B58-B91B-CD1E257CA2F4
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    • Shawlana
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      The white bird looks like a white duck. We have ducks like that here in Toronto on our Toronto Island in Lake Ontario.
    • Owen
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      Owen Stainken
      That is a domestic goose , and in the background I see a Chinese goose another domestic bird and rare hear, also lots of greater white fronted geese too. the white goose is a Chinese goose in my opinion , keep in mind they are all domestic!
    • CHLOE
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      hi, snow geese have been seen in that area before,%202018.pdf it mentions them being there in that website doc- it is a bit long though.
      • Sandra
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        Snow Geese may be seen there at some point, most likely in winter, since they nest in the Arctic, but these are not Snow Geese. As the other commenter says, they are domestics.
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