The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Discussion Groups Bird Identification Middle of the Gulf of Mexico, Sept 20

    • Stephanie
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      I saw this bird yesterday. Sorry for the lack of scale, but I was on a ship 8 decks up so there was nothing around it to use for scale. Merlin photo ID couldn’t ID it. I saw it dip into the water once and a flying fish glided away from it, so possibly hunting/fishing? The map shows where my phone thought I was at the time. Poking around the Internet I think it might be a tern of some ilk, but I can’t figure out how far they fly into the Gulf. (Unless it hitched a ride on the ship?) 928289B1-FD24-4461-B8BB-4B0592D7EB4C E39BFB75-E820-42A6-9F0B-B4B44A45998D152EED22-01BB-4C80-A57E-EB3A43CA34C665F6475E-0252-4DED-8D2F-6905ABC351F8
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    • GBird
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      @Stephanie definitely an albatross of some kind, Young albatrosses can spend the first 6 years of their life at sea, never touching land.  They can cover hundreds of miles in one day feeding on fish and squid.  Albatross can sleep while flying – but only for seconds at a time. so it can very easily be as far out as you were :). hope this helps!!