The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Discussion Groups Bird Identification Mystery waterfowl, it’s driving me crazy (photo included)

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    • Laura
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      Location: McClintic WMA, Mason County, WV   Date: June 16 2021 It's a bit far away. It certainly looks like a duck, but not any I can place. Uniform brown with a darker belly I think and a buffish edge along the bottom of the wings. The legs looked orange or yellowish. Fairly large in size. I believe the bill is dark (it peeked out for a few seconds!) All the  ducks I've looked up aren't even around here during the summer. Any help at all is much appreciated! Untitled
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    • Elizabeth
      Bird Academy
      This looks like a Black-bellied Whistling-Duck. Usually they are found farther south, but their range is expanding northward. Very cool!
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