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    • Dee
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      I believe that this is a female rose breasted-grosbeak, but I have not seen golden markings like this on one of these birds before. I am wondering if this is unusual or more common than I think. 5-7-21 050 Female grossbeak
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    • David
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      It looks like a rose breasted grosbeak to me
    • GBird
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      it is probably a female rose breasted grosbeak with xanthochroism The yellow breast (and underwing coverts), it turns out, are the result of a condition called xanthochroism. Just like albinism is a lack of pigment, and melanism is an excess of pigment, xanthochroism is an abundance of yellow pigment.
    • Frankie
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      It might be a rose breasted grosbeak if you live in the east. However, if you live out west, you might want to consider the option that it is a black-headed grosbeak
Viewing 3 reply threads