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      Think of the best workshop you have attended. What did the facilitator(s) of that workshop do to make the session meaningful? As a facilitator, what action would you like to replicate inspired by that workshop experience?
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    • Fran
      Chirps: 6
      I liked workshops that allowed me to work with others, had me out of my seat, and gave me time to work. I plan to engage them as they enter the workshop. I also have asked for smaller groups that want to attend and are not being forced to attend. I am going to present content and allow time for working in groups.
    • Edward
      Chirps: 7
      The best workshops I have attended involved allowing the students time to investigate theories on their own or in small groups. The facilitator would pose a question then allow the class to break into groups. In the end each group would present their results. This is the behavior I would most like to replicate, as it has helped me gain confidence in my abilities. As a facilitator I would be ready to answer any questions posed by these break out groups and would be available for consultation if needed.
    • Sabrina
      Chirps: 5
      When I think about the workshops I have attended, I find the most useful ones included hands-on activities and discussion time for modifications and/or additions to the actitivities done during the workshop. As a facilitator, these are the actions I like to replicate.
    • Jon Javier
      Chirps: 17
      I remember attending a four-day workshop on the "theory of inventive problem solving" or TRIZ. The class was divided into sub-teams, and each team is composed of cross-functional members (i.e., from different academic units). Using the principles of TRIZ, each member of a team will complement the others when designing a product that will serve as a solution to a need or problem then pitch the product designed to others. The action that I would like to replicate is having the participants grouped as several teams that will help them to collaborate and communicate with each other effectively.
    • Hope
      Chirps: 5
      Working in groups to solve problems.  Have teachers work together to identify a problem and work together to solve it.