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    • KP3
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      Found this about midway up a mature pine tree beside our pond.  We're in upstate NY.  What bird made this nest?       _MG_6814-Edit  
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    • Dar
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      oriel nest!!!
    • Owen
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      Owen Stainken
      Definitely an Oriel Nest!
    • Little Bit
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      Perhaps it is an oriel nest, or like Chloe said, possibly a weaver bird.  Great shot on the bird nest Frankie!
    • CHLOE
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      if it looks like this- i can not see clearly in the photo then it is a finch nest. here is some information Natural finch nest in an aviary Typical nest built without an entrance tunnel. This nest may be effected by summer heat radiating from the roof.finch nest pic May become very cold in winter if used as a roosting nest. Some finches will make the nest touching the roof structure.     or it is a weaver bird nest weaverbird-nests-01Materials used for building nests include fine leaf fibers, grass, and twigs. Many species weave very fine nests using thin strands of leaf fiber, though some, like the buffalo-weavers, form massive untidy stick nests in their colonies, which may have spherical woven nests within. The sociable weavers of Africa build apartment-house nests, in which 100 to 300 pairs have separate flask-shaped chambers entered by tubes at the bottom. The sparrow weavers live in family units that employ cooperative breeding. Most species weave nests that have narrow entrances, facing downward.
Viewing 4 reply threads