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  • Cindy
    1.  I live in a subdivision in eastern North Carolina.  For a long time, it seemed like we never saw crows around.  When a murder showed up in our neighborhood, the neighbors started complaining about them.  I didn't know there were so many things that ate baby birds... but I certainly know now where crows fall in that category.  I would think that in our neighborhood the squirrels and the hawks definitely have a feast.  I feel comfortable explaining to the neighbors that the baby birds have other things to fear besides the crows.  2)  I have read a lot about crows and I have started feeding them in my backyard.  My neighbors don't like this because they think they are noisy.  I have tried to educate them about how smart they are.  They come daily and squawk for me to feed them.  I really enjoy them and look forward to their visits.  I like to see them fight off the squirrels and I enjoy the airshows they participate in when they are aggravating the hawks. 3)  I do not live in an area with ravens but I have seen them in the west on some hiking trips I have taken.  They are impressive! 4)  I have an environmental science background so I understand how important it is to have things around that eat lots of things.  There are some animals that I don't love having around, like most folks.... like snakes, vultures and mice, but they all have their purpose and have their place in the food chain.  Just recently I heard the crows in my yard making the biggest racket I had ever heard them make.  They were so noisy they got several dogs barking too.  When I looked outside there was a very large fox in our backyard.  They were definitely on neighborhood watch. One of my neighbors heard them and brought her dog in off the deck, which was a good thing.
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