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  • Lisa
    We live in north Texas and have Eastern Screech Owls that nest in our yard every year. Unfortunately, the male (a red morph) disappeared this past spring- I feel certain the victim of a Great Horned Owl who hunts in our yard. This was the fourth year the pair had made our yard home. The female is a grey morph. We named the pair Chidi and Eleanor after characters in the comedy, The Good Place. After Chidi’s demise last spring, Eleanor quickly found a new mate - another grey morph who was smaller than Chidi. They had only two chicks this season. A small brood compared to some years where there were four. We keep a nest box and it makes a safe place for them to raise their young. Eleanor has a favorite holly shrub she sits in most days - including today October 30th. She’ll hang around until spring and we’ll be eagerly awaiting to see if the replacement mate comes back. The photo is of her last spring trying to tolerate my curiosity and camera. 3D95B86F-4ECD-444D-9843-DEC921E17C64
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