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  • Karen
    We live in Orange Beach, AL, and our home is situated along a bay with a marshy back yard area. We have great horned owls in our cul de sac, and they often spend time in our pine treed front yard. For the last few years, they have overtaken an Osprey nest in our neighbor’s pine tree in the back marsh. It’s so exciting to see and hear them all year long, but especially in the winter and early spring when the eggs are in the nest. Once the young owls have hatched, we are glued to the binoculars as we wait to catch a peek at the little ones. The owls have become accustomed to us in our yard as we watch them sitting in our trees, and even after one had just caught a rabbit. I was fortunate one morning when one of the young owls must have ventured out and landed on our back porch near our bird bath. It stayed there until mid afternoon, and it knew I was in the house close by watching it.B4D93207-66A4-41EF-A8A8-1CDB47DC7955
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