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  • Adam
    Sadly, I think many people think that crows are either nuisance animals or lowly scavengers; and they think that crows have unappealing calls (their caws) unlike small songbirds; and if these were not enough, they also think that crows (with their seemingly all-dark plumage) symbolize darkness and despair (hence the old stereotypical portrayal of crows always cawing around cemeteries, deep leafless woods, and abandoned Victorian homes).  However, I know that crows are among the most intelligent animals (not just birds).  Crows in urban and suburban areas are actually craftily and opportunistically looking for greater effective ways to feed and shelter themselves.  Furthermore, many crows actually can interact with people in a good way, and be harmless around people.  Crows also can recognize particular individuals of their own species as well--something that I once thought only humans, great apes, elephants and dolphins can do.  Thus, all people should know the crow in this majestic bird's real and true form.
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