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    I live in Stavanger Norway. Crows are much disliked and considered predators on small songbirds, especially in the city (at the same time it considered proper to allow pet cats to live mostly outside, this is called having an "utekatt" -and belling the cat is considered very cruel to the cats). Often, hunting is organised to reduce the crow numbers. The GREAT majority of people think they are destructive, dangerous and a nuisance (as well as the local much reduced and persecuted seagulls) I am very appreciative of both crows and magpies HUGE intelligence and spirit. I am often in awe of their minds and their personalities. I wish there was a way to bring a similar course to Norway! I am a member of the Norwegian ornithological Society and in touch with Martin Eggen who is doing his best to promote wild bird survival along with other members of the NOF by writing and participating in public and political discussions. I will mention this course to him and see if he has any ideas how to bring this education to the Norwegian public.   In Stavanger I often stop to watch crows in the city. They are extremely cautious and wary of people (unlike the merry jaunty magpie) but not of cars or traffic. They are often eating food scraps and unfortunately the plastic and paper and cemetery-paraffin candles and styrofoam. They have an incredible memory of food sources (me and peanuts) and their temporary stores. They usually try to wash everything in a puddle before they eat it.
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