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  • Phyllis
    I think I have a lot of art in me. My challenge has been, how to bring this art into the world. Photos and sketching and drawing, a bit of watercolor perhaps and writing, journaling and essays. I love nature and photographs, and try to capture the essence or the heart of each moment, whether it is photo I take or a photo I see. Like some of the other course participants mentioned, so far I have only been able to bring this art out sporadically, and with a certain hesitancy. Now, I too, am retired and the time has arrived. All nature inspires me.  I need to begin, to take action. I needed the push to make it happen. Then, I saw this course offering. This is it, I said, the time has arrived. Seeing the variety  is encouraging. I appreciate that writing is an integral approach to the journaling process. Observing the mixture of media from such a diverse group, makes the approach seem attainable, whatever the skills we demonstrate when we come to the table. I like the idea of setting a goal to nature journal every day, even a little bit for ten weeks. To create the habit. Not sure if I will accomplish this, but worth a try. Adding simple specific touches, date, time, weather, our own spirit of the time... invaluable. One additional push...This summer, our human and animal family includes the addition of a paint 20190831_152832408_iOSmare, Sadie, who is in foal for next spring.  As the weather cools this autumn (we live in South Carolina), I hope to take my small portable chair into the paddock and observe, draw sketch, write and paint, even a little bit. So, when baby foal arrives in the spring, I will be prepared to welcome the new addition to our story, in art.     I am interested if anyone is including collage.. a leaf, a feather, grasses, fur or cloth, for example ?
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