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  • Daniel
    Everett Washington, 98203. This course is fabulous. Thanks! I am only three days into my crow watching and here is what I have seen.
    • Our 3/4 acre home site is "wild" with gardens surrounding our home 360 degrees.
    • For the past 9 years I have watched crows in our 'neighborhood' Now I know they are watching me. Cool.
    • Our new (3 years) next-door neighbor puts food containers into their recycling bin, placing white containers on top.  Every week, crows  eat what there is  and consequently distribute trash from her bins all over her yard. Less than 50 feet away, crows never touch our bins. No trash on our yard. We cover the top of our bin with a pieced of brown cardboard....
    • This past summer, late in the summer, a conifer on our property was used as a pre-roosting tree. After talking to each other, the flock - at least 100 birds with an excellent sunset view of Possession Sound in Puget Sound -would take off to parts unknown for their sleepover. I didn't see any eating. Just noise and jumping around.
    • I haven't spotted nests yet. But my new binoculars are getting a wonderful work out.
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