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  • Diana
    I have been feeding 2 crows peanuts for a couple of years. This year they have their first brood. When they arrived at my house they brought other family members to protect their young from the malicious attacks of nesting mockingbirds, grackles, starlings, redwinged blackbirds and cowbirds. I have to admit those mockingbirds were vicious and fast.  I am assuming the accompanying crows were there for that purpose. I also assumed there would be a single offspring for some reason. Now, a good 5-6 weeks later I see a flock of 6 leading me to believe they had FOUR babies.  They are big and beautiful and LOUD.  Since they haven’t mastered opening the peanut shells they simply scream at their parents who seem overwhelmed. Hopefully they get it soon as I’m expecting complaints from neighbors, lol. I wish I knew where they slept at night. Another point of interest is that I live right on the beach so I get to watch these crows are get lessons from their parents on foraging in low tide.  Don’t know what they are eating but I think they are hunting small crabs.
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