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  • Marion
    Yes, there are Barred owls that live in my neighborhood in Henrico County, VA.  I have been  on guided birding trips and have seen Snowy owls in Duluth, Minnesota, a Northern Hawk Owl in NW Wisconsin, Boreal owls in Duluth, a Great Grey north of Duluth, Long Eared  and Short Eared Owls in Mission Valley, MT, Northern Pygmy Owls in Montana, Burrowing owls in AZ, Western Screech owl, Whiskered  Screech owl and  Flammulated owl on Mt Lemon in Tucson, AZ.  Elf owl in Coronado Forest, south of Tucson, AZ.  Great Horned in Portal, AZ. I would love to see a Barn owl, but someone told me that I need to know someone who either has a barn or knows someone who has a barn where I can be invited in to see the owl.
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