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  • Suzette
    IMG_20200310_141330Anna's hummingbirds are abundant in my neighborhood in Sunnyvale, California. I've since had to move this feeder and I've had several birds stop by looking for it. It's just one story below. These are the birds I saw most in March, but since I've seen mourning doves and crows nearby. In fact, there's a nest of doves in the rain gutter above me. The crows have definitely been pestering them. I've noticed several flycatchers from this balcony, but haven't been able to identify them.   IMG_20200508_145517We went to take a look at goslings at at a lake nearby and spotted a grackle among them! First time I've ever identified a grackle. A beautiful bird. And though there were several PROMINENT signs admonishing people not to, a woman was feeding crackers to a groups of aggressive Canadian geese.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)