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  • Catharine
    I have just started this course, and must admit to being quite intimidated. Live in far west central IL, in a town on the Mississippi River. Looks like so many people from all over the world, seeing birds I will never see. I live on 2.5 acres, with a farm pond. Have lots of feeders: two hummingbird feeders (front and back of house, since they can be pretty territorial, a sunflower chip feeder. a peanut feeder, a safflower seed feeder , a nyger seed feeder, and a suet feeder. Most I have to bring in at night, or the raccoons will destroy them. Lots of bird habitat. People in our area have noticed a greatly reduced number of ruby throated hummingbirds this spring. Did see a redheaded woodpecker - they are not seen often as they usually stick to the woods. Lots of house finches, cardinals, redwinged blackbirds, two pairs of rose breasted grosbeaks, downy and hairy woodpeckers, goldfinches, nuthatches, tufted titmouses, red bellied woodpeckers, blue jays, grackles, and the occasional starling, One Baltimore oriole, some mourning doves. Coopers hawks have not shown up yet. The pond mostly has Canada geese, and an occasional great blue heron. We are close enough to the Mississippi flyway that we get interesting migratory waterbirds, and if I head to the Mississippi River in the winter, Bald Eagles congregate at the lock and dam.  I would like more skill in sparrow identification. They are tough. And I would dearly love to be able to identify bird calls, especially owls. Am probably boring everyone, so will quit now.
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