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  • Patti
    Photos capture the scene in a millisecond! Birds don’t stand still typically, so I can snap off dozens of shots while they flit through the bushes or trees, or hop on the ground. My focus while photographing is on the lighting, focus, and peering through the aperture to frame the subject. While photographing I’m not focused on the feel of the air, or gregarious sounds of the birds, or smell of the woods. And I’m in constant motion. When sketching my ears and nose as well as eyes are activated. I am taking note of scale and position of the bird; its stance, its shape, and noticing detail such as the alignment of the eye to the beak. Could this have an effect on how the bird is able to feed? Yes, sketching opens my mind to ask other questions beyond creating a photo that captures light, color and composition. 83B5F4D9-1B1F-44E4-89F3-4E46746F8AFB
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