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  • Michelle
    Western Screech-Owls actually sparked my interest in birds! Last summer, I found an abandoned Western Screech-Owl baby on my front lawn. I took it to a local wildlife center, where they gave me a patient number for the bird, and I kept checking in on it by phone until it was released back into the wild! Another owl I've seen in person is the Great Horned Owl. A family of them had a nest in my neighborhood, and I've attached some photos of them!62F4F91C-8126-4E6E-9A7B-DC0ECF1CD42F_1_105_c0688DC7C-EE9D-4A2E-9AF0-748ABFB2A7DD_1_105_c 5B0B8B81-813D-4EB7-AF77-236ACBA81F8A_1_105_c
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