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  • Adrienne
    8D497766-BCF9-43F4-9B5D-FD7753CE3B41I found the process to challenging but enjoyable. A couple of months ago I would have found it to be a bit more challenging, but I have been practicing drawing birds here and there using a great nature journaling resource by John Muir Laws. It’s been both relaxing and rejuvenating to spend some time practicing while my young girls are resting. The sketching portion is definitely easier for me, although I find getting proper proportions and small details to be a challenge. Painting is even more of a challenge for me, but I am loving it! Sketching and painting definitely allow me to pay better attention to the subject and feel more intimate with it than I would by simply studying the photo. I love putting than finishing dot on the eye and feeling as though the bird has come to life in front of me.
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