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  • sherry
    Hi I have been fortunate enough to see a real life snowy owl at the Portland Jet Port in Maine.  While I do not have a professional camera I had binoculars and was able to see great detail of the owl.  I could even she her turn her head as an airplane made a loud sound overhead.  The wing span she had was amazing.  I call it she because it seems, and I could be wrong that the males have a lot more white than striations on them.  She was a good size.  The other time I saw owls was in a very icy winter.  The Barred owls were starving as they could not break through the ice pack to grab rodents to feed on.  I saw one at dusk sitting in a tree by the side of the road.  The next day I saw one in my neighborhood and I believe the same one then sat in a tree at the front of my house.  They were amazing to see.
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