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  • Jane
        Good Morning!  I loved drawing from the photo as the bird didn't move!  I could take my time and really study the shape, shading, and colors.  Finding a quiet, uninterrupted time to explore proved to be the most challenging aspect although the drawing itself was challenging.  Getting the lines and proportions "correct" was a task.  I didn't let myself get frustrated but just worked quietly and intently.  (Listening to Costa Rica soundscapes on Calm was helpful here!) Working from the photo allowed me to see nuances of the bird... the angle of the head, the placement of the talons on the branch, the subtle shades of the head and shoulders.  I might not have noticed these otherwise as I wouldn't have spent (or had) the time to really observe carefully.  I think the struggle with journaling moving animals, plants, living objects is just that, they move.  I imagine practice with stationary objects and photos would make me quicker with the basics so that I would have time to get to the subtleties.   Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 9.58.14 AM
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