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  • Rayann
    I have a family that resides with us here on our farm in a deep hollow.  In the last fall or early winter, I sometimes see as many as a dozen birds, but generally no more than that in my location. We generally do not see starlings here in the very rural area where we are (Northern Middle Tennessee), but early this fall, a flock of literally hundreds flew in, apparently intending to stay the night.  They drank from the creek, foraged for a short time on the ground, and then flew across a narrow pasture to roost in the woods on the other side while my husband and I watched from our porch, mesmerized.  We saw and heard just two of our resident crows a little higher up on the wooded hillside, clearly speaking to one another from their various positions.  It did not sound like warning or alarm calls, but we got the impression that they were unhappy about the starling invasion.  Within about 10 minutes, those TWO crows began flying into the trees where the multitudes of crows were roosting, and had them completely cleared out in no time, HUNDREDS of them!  The starlings just began to calmly fly up and away until there were literally none left in our small hollow.  It was truly fascinating to watch.
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