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  • Diane
    I've always loved birds but until my recent retirement had not really studied in depth or done much birdwatching other than on vacations to shore areas and wildlife refuges.  Now I've become more serious as I have more time to devote and am taking field courses as well as online offerings like this. It's endlessly fascinating and engaging. I am a city dweller with a small front and backyard. Both are planted with native plants to attract birds, bees, and butterflies.  Since doing that I've been delighted by the increase in bees and butterflies in my little yard and also see more birds flying through or stopping by my feeders and bird baths. I was distressed this summer at having to remove them because of the mystery bird illness, but was so happy when the thumbs up came to sanitize and reintroduce them.  I've also paid more attention to the types of feeders and feed that attract different birds and have augmented my feeding stations.  I am also looking forward to participating in the feeder project.  I have also been trying out the Merlin app features on various birding excursions and am learning a lot from them as a novice serious birder.
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