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  • Victoria
    I live in central Kansas.  For several days a couple summers ago, a barred owl visited the willow tree in my back yard.  He appeared to be picking off the cicada carcasses left behind on the bark and occasionally appeared to be eating insects off the ground.  I was able to water plants on the patio while he sat on the lawn under the tree watching me.  We had a one-way very softly spoken conversation. The tree was severely damaged in a windstorm later that summer and a significant part of it had to be cut away.  That seemed to totally spook him, and he didn't return.  So sad. I also had the good fortune to see a snowy owl on a utility wire very early one morning on my way to work.  Incredible.  I wasn't sure it was real, but I did some research and discovered there had been other sightings in the area.
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