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  • Nancy
    I have a large yard set into a 41 acre horse farm.  I hung a bird feeder outside the kitchen window in December and no birds came.  We moved it to the south edge of the yard and hung it from a tree.  Chickadees flocked to it from neighbouring trees.  But none of our Windows gives a very good view.  I realized that outside the kitchen window there are no trees or bushes close by so it is not attractive to birds.  I need to develop that area to make it attractive—to birds and people.  I am mainly interested in winter birds since where we live there so many bears that we are not supposed to hang bird feeders in the summer. So I have an area on the east side of the house that is odd shaped.  A screened porch projects from the house on one side and a bay window projects from the kitchen.  The septic tank is several feet out from the kitchen window.  It needs to be dug up every three years, so we can’t plant perennials close to it.  I’d like to put in a couple of raised planters for herbs and veggies.
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