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  • Trish
    I live in Wildomar, California, right below the Santa Ana mountains. I have American Crows (20-30) in my yard, on my roof, every day. I am a recently retired educator and am enjoying watching all the birds that come on our property (just under an acre and very native vegetation). I have especially noted they will bring food, be it bread crumbs they left in the bird bath or the dead rabbit, hit by a car, that they dragged up under our pepper tree. As a teacher in nearby Murrieta I saw crows open paper lunch sacks, pull a sandwich out of its baggie and enjoy a tasty meal. I started advising my first graders to keep lunches secured inside backpacks! I never see crows alone, although at times 2 or 3 seem to lag behind the group. I have also noticed they seem to almost have a schedule. Every morning, on the roof, in the yard digging for and eating insects, noisily starting their day. At first the noise they make stomping on the roof bothered me, but I have become rather fond of “my” crows…hence my interest in learning more about them…
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