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  • Michael
    I live in central Virginia in the downtown area of a smaller university town. I have been on a "grass elimination" project for most of the last 18 years that I have lived here. I am blessed with an enormous oak tree that rules over the property and am now down to a tiny patch of grass, which will soon be gone. I was alerted to the importance of native plants a number of  years back, but without any training I have been "winging it" reading and talking with various individuals more knowledgeable than I, all extremely well meaning, but some, like myself, not always fully informed. I finally got more deeply involved after taking a "Master Naturalist" class. This increased my understanding of both where and how to find accurate information as well as where to purchase the proper plants. I just recently began working with a local landscape architect who is quite knowledgeable (as well as kind and patient) to continue to transform the property into one hospitable to people, plant and animal life. One final note: it was suggested that I take down an Eastern Red Cedar tree on the property to permit more sunlight to penetrate the area beneath it. I said I couldn't do it, but agreed to "limb up" the tree for more light. A few days later I was sitting out in the garden reading when I suddenly noticed an enormous number of robins converge on the tree gorging on the beautiful berries. Just spectacular and all the encouragement needed to keep me learning and doing! I'm even thinking of adding a water feature (as opposed to a bath) which I have long avoided as too much maintenance. Thanks to all for your stories!
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