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  • Keanu
    Activity #1. I think my favorite bird would have to be the Albatross, the shear size and grace of these birds always astonishes me, and I'd love to see one in person one day. Activity #2. After going outside yesterday we were introduced to quite the variety of raptors, "other" songbirds, waterfowl and woodpeckers. Namely a massive group of bald eagles that decided to fly through the area, and a small kestrel chasing around a red tailed hawk. Other songbirds would have to belong to all the bohemian waxwings which another birder on the trail was kind enough to aid in ID'ing. The waterfowl seen were a bunch of common goldeneyes and a couple of mergansers which made their way into the flock. Finally a pileated woodpecker was seen hammering away at a branch before we were off again. Activity #3. My favorite neighborhood bird would have to belong to that kestrel. The speed and agility of the bird will always amaze me, along with it's persistant nature to chase down any other raptor in the area make it an easy favorite.
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