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  • Barbara
    1. Tufted Titmouse—small, has tuft on top of its head Mourning Dove—small head relative to body 2. Downy Woodpecker—black stripes on head, black wings with white stripes; red spot/line on back of head; white belly Northern Flicker—black stripe on cheek, black half moon on chest, black dots on chest, small black lines on back/wings; red line across back of neck/head; whitish/brownish chest Pileated Woodpecker—black wings, chest, tail; black and white stripes on face; top of head entirely red 3. Carolina Chickadee—flies to feeder, picks up one seed, takes it to tree and eats it, returns to feeder Mourning Dove—searches ground underneath feeder for dropped seeds American Goldfinch—hangs upright or sideways on thistle seed feeder 4. Eastern Bluebird
    • Blue head, wings, tail; reddish brown chest, white belly
    • Size is slightly larger than a sparrow; full, rounded belly
    • Not aggressive; politely waits for its turn at the feeder. Can be chased away by more aggressive birds.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)