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  • Jean
    3F4A3DFE-9C1A-469B-A9E4-65B4A3264555 I was introduced to nature journaling in 2021 when I took a quick lesson through Sketchbook Revival.  It was taught by John Muir Laws. I love nature and I love creating.  I am enjoying sketching and want to learn more about watercolour. To date I have mostly sketched and drawn birds from other’s photos.  I would like to be able to draw them from life.  The page above was easy for me because plants move a lot slower than animals! I also took part in International Nature Journalling Week 2021 and Wild Wonder 2021.  They were eye opening experiences for me. I have so much to learn!  There are so many different ways to do things! I liked all the journals shown in the video.  One thing that struck me was the difference in the amount of time required for each style of journaling. I have limited time, so Holly’s journal really appealed to me. I can do a page a month or a small sketch every day.  Last year I jumped with both feet and tried to do too much at once. I was going in all directions. This year I want to take a slower paced, more focused approach.
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