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  • Pam
    Activity #4: We have these beautiful Red-shouldered Hawks in our area. I've always wondered what they are. I figured they were hawks of some sort, but did not know what type. Now that I've starting my birdwatching hobby, I've discovered what type of hawk. My Merlin ID app picked up the sound yesterday morning and I started looking around for it. I found the hawk sitting at the top of the tallest tree in our backyard. It was perched on a dead branch at the very top. When I see them in various places, they are usually perched at the top of a tree on a branch with no leaves. Later in the day after I saw that one in my backyard, I saw one flying and was able to distinguish it from the black vultures by the lighter color with underneath. The three things that helped me identify this bird are sound, color, and behavior.
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