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  • David
    David Santos
    Drawing from photo for me is the way I do most of my drawings of birds, so I'm familiar to this type of drawing. I usually start by the limit of the head and bill, for me this sets my proportions. I continued by setting the length of the wings, were I always struggle to get it right. I then set the limit for my alula feathers and the coverts on the wings, I did the rest of the body and tail in last. The golden hues on the head and gorge (throat) probably I would miss it. The black center of the secundaries and the black on primaries made me focus more there a bit. Doing the drawing I have two questions: Is there a black bar on the wings if the bird was in flight? What is the species of the tree where the bird seats, and is there a conection between the two?89661395_1033729503663455_2315849067537629184_n
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Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)