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  • Jonathan
    Nice that the bird in the photo stayed still for the entire experience.  :)  My first attempt was too fat, and so I had to erase its belly/breast and skinny it up.  I like the detail in my eye, but it is too big and too far back.  Was going to try to fix it and then decided to embrace it as a first attempt and move on.   Struggled with the bits between the legs, and with balancing shading with wanting to make the black stand out.  Decided to just stick with pencil, which made it hard to distinguish the rusty streaks on the breast.   The details around the eye certainly would have escaped me had I not taken the time to draw it.  And the nostril as well, though I notice now that my attempt to capture that in my drawing was lost when I shaded the beak.  I definitely leaned on some of the skills I learned in your earlier short 1h live lessons earlier this spring! 2021-05-01 13.55.32_1
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