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  • Jane
    I live on six acres in a wooded area near Beaufort, SC.   About 7 years ago a group of 4 crows showed up in the yard.   After about a week of watching, I started feeding them peanuts that I placed on a post in the yard.  A couple weeks later I found a nice white stone on the post.  I asked my husband if he put the stone there, he did not.   A few days later a burned piece of wood from across the road from a prescribed burned area,  was on the post.   I got so excited I started taking pictures of the presents that would show up.   This lasted for some time, but now there are no more presents on the post.   However,  the crows are now 6 in number and still arrive in the morning for a handout and a “ loud discussion” about their day.   They will sit close by on a pine limb and wait for me to put out the peanuts.  It is a ritual we both look forward to.  The crows are some of my favorite neighbors. Noel
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