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  • katherine
    I boiled eggs and put out peanuts everyday for months for a crow family living in the forest behind my house. not sure if they were the same family I did this for last year (?). they would watch my bedroom window and when I opened the blinds in the morning they would start calling to each other and maybe to me too! there was always throughout everyday one that was 'the sentinel' and sometimes he would come to get food or sometimes he and what I think was the father - much larger. I named the dad Carlos. So the two of them would come morning & afternoon for food. After several weeks/months one day there were 3 and I assumed this was the mother. the following week four came - one was the new baby and begging for food. They stayed in my small fenced in yard for several minutes looking at me and cawing. that was the last I saw them. I liked to think they brought the new bird to see me before they headed somewhere else and it was as though they came to say goodbye! I was so excited to see the new bird but I miss them!
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)