Susan Lyons
Dr. Susan Lyons Course Developer

As a course developer, I get to combine two of my great loves—ornithology and education. I love designing courses that not only teach about birds, but also inspire students to think critically about science and the natural world.

I was first introduced to birds after college while studying Least Terns with Massachusetts Audubon. That position motivated me to get involved in additional research projects involving birds, which eventually culminated in a Ph.D. in ornithology. Through those experiences, I’ve continued to be amazed and inspired by avian diversity, behavior, physiology, and beauty.


B.S., Journalism and Biological Sciences, Ohio University, 2007
M.S., Biological Sciences, Ohio University, 2011
Ph.D., Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016

Spark Bird:

I fell in love with birds while studying foraging and feeding behavior in Least Tern breeding colonies. I loved watching the interactions between parents and offspring in the colonies, and was always impressed by how quickly those nestling terns could gobble down whole fish!