Give the gift of learning.
Digital gift certificates—easy gifting from Bird Academy.

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Bird Academy Gift Certificate

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Gift certificates are emailed to the giftee. No physical product is shipped.

Giving Gift Certificates

  • Choose the gift certificate you’d like to send (see image options above and click to get started)
  • Enter the US dollar amount you want to gift and select "Add to Cart"
  • Review your cart and then select "Proceed to checkout"
  • Provide your billing details and your email
  • In the "Gift Certificate Receiver Details" field enter the email of the giftee and add a personalized note
  • Note: If you would like to buy a gift certificate now but have a giftee receive it at a later date, select "Email gift certificate(s) to me", then forward the email you will receive to the giftee at the correct time.
  • Complete the checkout process
  • The gift certificate will be delivered to the email inbox of the giftee (they may have to check their promotions or spam folder)
  • Your receipt will be delivered to your inbox…and done!
  • Want something to tuck into a card? Print this gift note.

Redeeming Gift Certificates

  • The giftee applies their gift certificate while purchasing the course/s of their choice
  • Balances on gift certificates are saved for use at a later date
  • Balances can be reviewed on the Gift Balances page

Gift certificates are non-refundable. If the giftee wishes to take advantage of Bird Academy’s Satisfaction Guarantee they can contact us to get help switching their enrollment to another course/s.